Love Covers a Multitude of……

………..annoyances, irritations, faults and imperfections!


Good Morning Lord,

This morning I’m thankful for the man you chose to be my husband. I’m also thinking about all of the women you have put in my path over the years. Women I have had the honor of mentoring and encouraging both in their marriages and family lives. So many of these ladies have struggled and share with me that their husbands just won’t step up to help and ‘deal with the kids’.

I think about this often as I see worn out women trying to juggle it all on their own. You have given us as women such a great gift of being able to handle so many things at once, but so often we, I fail to give these things to You. I  realize that some fathers are absent and unwilling to be involved. However, so very often we, as women we think we do a better job, so we don’t allow them in. We criticize them when they do try. My actions so often lead to frustration and disconnection. You are faithful in gently reminding me of how I sometimes need to take a step back; not be critical; encourage and support my husband as he nurtures, disciplines and teaches our children in a right and Godly way. My husband; all husbands have been given the place of protector, provider, and spiritual leader over our homes and families. I pray that I would love, encourage and build him up to be who God has called him to be.

Lord, help me to pray for my husband without ulterior motives today. Help me to remember that your love is perfect even when I’m not. Amen.