come unto meThe Lords message to us this morning is short and sweet! “Come to Me!” We are so busy, and get so tired. More often than not, we try to fight through on our own. We just keep going, because that’s just what women do, right? Our schedules are so demanding. It seems like we are constantly running. Even in the midst of it all, Jesus still says “come”. We hear His invitation, but we have to respond.

Have you ever been invited to a formal event? It always includes a RSVP, right? We have a choice whether or not we will attend. It occurred to me this morning, that the same applies when we are invited by Jesus to ‘come’. We can choose to accept or decline.

When we offer our children comfort and rest after a long day, we hold out our arms and say “come here”. The comfort is not imparted until they are in our arms. They have to first accept our invitation.

“Lord, help me in my crazy, busy, overscheduled life, to stop and accept Your invitation to rest. Help me to realize that all I have to do is walk into Your arms. It’s that simple. Amen”

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